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There are many schools that offer a variety of employment options for F-1 students.  Below are three types of opportunities:


 Off-campus MANDATORY FIRST YEAR Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Internships allow Full-Time paid internships as early as the first semester of study. This is authorized by immigration services only for graduate students at universities where such internship is a mandatory component of the curriculum or course of study and is required to begin immediately. Off-campus Curricular Practical Training or internships starting after one academic year of study is authorized by immigration services for graduate and undergradute students if Curricular Practical Training is offered by the university and is an integral part of the curriculum. 


Many schools have on-campus employment opportunities.  ICE allows part-time (20 hours) on-campus employment, beginning as early as the first year, for both graudates and undergraduates.


Optional Practical Training (OPT) is available for students to engage in employment for one year after graduating from their bachelor or master program. The purpose of OPT is to give a student further practical experience in the workplace relating to their major.  Students graduating in a STEM field can extend their OPT for an additonal 17 months.

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